Feel the atmosphere of over 100 years of film making and cut your film in Hollywood.  SIREN's Hollywood headquarters is a dynamic editorial environment where all of SIREN's edit suites can be configured to run either Avid, Final Cut Pro, or Adobe Premiere through the push of a button.  All of our edit bays are hot swppable and very versatile.  If you need a suite of different workstations, softwares, and hardware output options, through our central machine room we can easily start the day with the room set up for Pro Tools mixing, move to Avid Nitris by mid-day, and finish using Davinci Resolve late afternoon.   Our entire system runs through our state of the art server room with the fastest networked storage on the planet!

All of this sits integrated with state of the art visual effects, sound, color, and visualizaton tools.  At SIREN @ 6500 you will have everything at your fingerprints to finish your materpiece without compromise.

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